SCULPTRA represents an injectable procedure made up of sterile, biocompatible, and biodegradable components, which include exceptionally small particles of a synthetic polymer identified as “poly-L-lactic acid” (PLLA), carboxymethylcellulose (USP), non-pyrogenic mannitol (USP), and sterile water for injection (USP). This sophisticated treatment from our beauty skin specialist center in Klang Valley is accessible and aims to amplify your innate beauty. Beleco Clinic additionally provides an extensive range of beauty treatments tailored to align with your individual preferences and needs.

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How does SCULPTRA work?

Many women have always been searching for the best skin wrinkle and fine lines treatment in Malaysia, because the majority of them find SCULPTRA unfamiliar, and they may not grasp how it works. The body’s collagen production diminishes with age and/or prolonged exposure to sunlight, and wrinkles often emerge as an initial visible manifestation of this process. SCULPTRA is administered into the deep layer of the skin, precisely where collagen is naturally formed. The mechanism of SCULPTRA involves initially filling wrinkles with minuscule PLLA beads. As these beads gradually biodegrade, the injected area may stimulate the generation of new collagen. Utilizing a fine needle, SCULPTRA is injected through multiple small injections to address contour deficiencies in nasolabial folds, as well as other facial wrinkles or fine lines, particularly in the cheek region where this injection technique is suitable.

Benefits of SCULPTRA

SCULPTRA is designed for individuals with robust immune systems. It is administered by injection into or under the facial skin. SCULPTRA may be employed for:

    • Correction of shallow to deep nasolabial fold contour deficiencies and other facial wrinkles.
    • Correction of fine lines and wrinkles in the cheek region.

How long do SCULPTRA treatment effects last?

In a clinical study conducted in the U.S., certain participants experienced treatment outcomes that endured for as long as 25 months after the final treatment session. However, the extent of improvement was contingent upon the severity of the contour deficiency present in each subject before undergoing treatment.


Indeed, SCULPTRA is considered safe as it primarily acts as a stimulant for collagen production. It received FDA approval in 2004. Furthermore, it has been verified to be free of any animal products or human DNA.

How does it differ from Dermal Filler?

The primary distinction between Sculptra and Fillers lies in their impact on collagen production. Unlike Fillers, Sculptra induces a natural response in the body to generate collagen. Fillers such as Juvaderm and Restylane, on the other hand, are crafted with hyaluronic acid and are intended for immediate filling of wrinkled areas to enhance volume.

Facial fillers typically have a shorter duration, lasting around 6-12 months, a feature preferred by some patients for various reasons. In contrast, Sculptra injections can exhibit long-lasting effects that extend over several years. 

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